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The municipality of Bonnanaro launches its own 1 euro houses initiative! Here’s how to participate and buy your home for 1 euro in Bonnanaro.

Update Nov. 7, 2022: The following have finally been made public. images of available houses in the municipality of Bonnanaro, find out what they are now!

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Getting to know Bonnanaro

The village of Bonnanaro was born indicatively around the year 1000. It was formerly called “Gunar” then changed to “Gunnanor” which stands in the valley between Mt. Pelau and Mt. Arana. The Sardinian village is particularly important for its archaeological finds. The Bonnanaro culture, named for the very village where it originated, is a pre-Nuragic culture that developed in Sardinia in the first half of the second millennium BC.

On the summit of Mount Arana is the small church of the same name, the site of a lively country festival on September 7 each year: Our Lady of Mount Arana. Surrounded by rooms designed to accommodate pilgrims, it overlooks a vast esplanade overlooking the Nuraghi Valley, which offers visitors one of the most striking views in the area.

From ancient Bonnanaro to modern Bonnanaro

The center, with a predominantly agricultural tradition, owes its fame to the cultivation of grapes and especially cherries. The famous cherry fair generally takes place in early June, is a source of tourist attraction every year.

Vine cultivation is of very ancient origin. The area is home to some extremely rare types of wine grapes, which are currently being studied at the University of Sassari. The wine produced in Bonnanaro enjoys considerable fame within the island and has received some national awards.

The most important holidays of the year are:

  • Binos de Fozzas (March – April)
  • St. George’s Day (April)
  • The cherry fair (June)
  • Santa Barbara (July)
  • Our Lady of Mount Arana (September)

The small village of Bonnanaro today has about 900 inhabitants. With all its rich history and traditions still alive to this day, the municipality seeks to attract new residents and life to the neglected hamlet.

How to get to Bonnanaro


  • From Sassari, 35,5 km, 28 min:
    Take 4-lane SS 131, also known as E25, from Viale Papa Giovanni Paolo II – 4 min (3.6 km) – Follow SS 131 towards Strada Provinciale 30 in Bonnanaro. Take the exit toward Bonnanaro/Torralba/Borutta/S. Pietro di Sorres from SS 131 – 23 min (30.4 km) – Drive in the direction of Strada Provinciale 30 in Bonnanaro – 2 min (1.4 km).


  • Alghero Airport
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
Altitudine405 m

The 1 euro houses initiative in Bonnanaro

To the crux of the matter: What are the rules and procedures for buying the 1 euro house of your dreams?

The goal of the municipality of Bonnanaro with the Houses for 1 euro initiative is to:

  • Promoting the rich territory.
  • Countering depopulation and abandonment of the country.

With these goals in mind, they passed the resolution allowing the purchase of houses for the symbolic price of €1. With the purchase comes the redevelopment of the property and relocation for those who want to live in Sardinia.

At present, the July 1, 2022 municipal notice indicates the following rules:

  • You need to fill out the transfer or purchase form according to your interest.
  • Several unused and blighted properties in the town’s historic center are at stake.
  • The property can be purchased for residential, tourist accommodation or commercial purposes.
  • The validity of property availability is 3 years.

Properties will be allocated according to the following priority:

  • Homes for young couples or disadvantaged families.
  • Homes for individuals and / or families.
  • Dwellings for tourist purposes (second homes for vacation).
  • Tourist-receptive facilities (B&B, boutique hotels, etc.).
  • Premises for stores and/or artisan workshops.

Buyers are required to:

  • Perfecting the conclusion of the purchase agreement with the seller of the 1 euro house within 2 months of the approval of the deeds of assignment.
  • Prepare and file the project for the renovation and redevelopment of the purchased property with the relevant City Office within 3 months after the signing of the purchase and sale agreement.
  • Start work no later than 2 months after the building permit is issued.
  • Complete the work no later than 3 years after the start of work.
  • Take out a surety policy in favor of the Municipality of Bonnanaro in the minimum amount of EUR 5,000 valid for 3 years.

More information and details about the 1 euro houses can be found in the notice published by the municipality.

For those interested in transferring their property in Bonnanaro, you need to fill out the manifestation Attachment A.

On the other hand, those who would like to buy a property for the symbolic price of 1 euro need to fill out Attachment B.

All information is also available on the municipality’s website. The municipality offers advice, clarification, information and cooperation to those interested in buying or selling houses for 1 euro.

The municipality is hopeful and hopes to receive many demonstrations for the disposal of abandoned properties in the city center. Once available, it will review the purchase demonstrations received, allowing the purchase and renovation of available 1-euro houses.

Contacts of the municipality

Municipality of Bonnanaro

4 Garibaldi Street

07043 Bonnanaro SS

PEC mail: