Laurenzana – Potenza – Basilicata

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Laurenzana is a “comune” (municipality) in the Province of Potenza in the Italian region1 Euro Houses With this initiative, the Municipal Administration intends to recover abandoned properties with particular regard to those in the historic center of the country.

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Laurenzana Panorama

These properties will be used both for housing and for the realization of activities aimed at tourism, commerce and crafts.


The village of Laurenzana has origins in the Middle Ages. The first inhabited area is erected around the cliff. Next, the city develops at the two poles consisting of the Mother Church and the Castle.

In later times there were notable changes to both the castle and the town. The village is enclosed by a wall equipped with round escarpment towers.

Characteristic elements for those who visit the historic center are: the numerous “arches” underpass of the houses; the streets, so-called “Strèttele”, of the medieval village; particular urban views with the “stone houses” and above all the image of the Castle and the Mother Church that dominate the entire town from above.

Laurenzana glimpses

Feudal Castle

The castle stands isolated on top of a cliff in the center of the village. The greatest expression of temporal power contrasts with the Mother Church that rises beside it. It was born with the Normans in 1150, who built the fortress on a former Lombard castle. He later became a hermitage of Basilian monks and finally an Arab outpost.

Laurenzana Castle

From 1454 began the change in possession of the fiefdom of Laurenzana in the hands of several baronial families and began the castle underwent further transformations.

There are many legends around the castle: like that of the “365 rooms” as many as there are days of the year.

In recent years, the castle has returned usable, in fact the work of safety of the cliff and those necessary to make accessible the central courtyard, with the restoration of the environment turned “former armory”, intended for conference room and exhibitions, and with the recovery of the cave used as a museum.


The charming Abetina di Laurenzana regional reserve is one of the protected areas of Basilicata and falls within the territory of the municipality of Laurenzana, in the heart of the Lucano Val D’Agri Lagonegrese Apennine National Park. The reserve covers an area of 330 hectares and is characterized by several plant species, among which the so-called de raro abete bianco predominates, together with beech and cerro.

The area is also populated by numerous animals such as the wolf and the wild cat, hare, dormouse.

It is also important to see birds such as the royal kite, the sparrowhawk, the poiana and the cheetah.

The reserve, open all year round, also allows guided tours to schools and mountain-biking and Nordik-walking activities.

The Reserve is also included in the Community Natura 2000 Network Programme.

Nature trails

The Way of Frà Egidio”

A religious-naturalistic path that makes us visit the places of life of Blessed Aegidio, a Franciscan friar whose mortal remains are preserved in the mother church Santa Maria dell’Assunta.

The Way of orchids

Path to the rediscovery of spontaneous orchids, whose variety and colors are unique, of about 6 km that unites the two small churches present along the way, that of San Michele Arcangelo and that of Santa Maria dal Ciel Calata.

For a ray of sunshine

Walk of about 4 km between the peaks of Monte Caperrino in search of the first rays of sun that will allow you to see clearly the Pollino, the Vulture, the Sirino, the Vulturino, the Apulian plains and even the Gulf of Taranto.

Gastromic itinerary

The Association “NUGLIA DI LAURENZANA-GAETANO CANTISANI”, promotes the enhancement of the “nuglia”,a typical product of Laurenzana gastronomy, included in the list of traditional agri-food products.

The Nuglia

For the nuglia the part of the pig undersea is used. This is seasoned with salt, ground pepper and wild fennel and then dried.

Altitudine850 m s.l.m.

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