1 euro houses in Taranto: Foreign investment and purchases

Assigned 1-euro houses in Taranto
Here are foreign investors betting on Taranto's €1 houses project. The project to renovate the historic center, also called Old Town, gives new satisfaction to the municipality and the mayor.1 euro houses in Taranto bought by foreignersThe 1 euro houses project was launched for the repopulation and revitalization of the socio-economic system of the old town, through acti...
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Assigned 7 properties for 1 euro in Taranto

Sold properties for 1 euro in Taranto
7 properties were assigned for 1 euro in the city of Taranto. What happens now and how to join the Taranto project?The history of 1 euro houses in TarantoThe city of Taranto adheres to the 1 euro houses initiative from as early as 2021. The project was a huge success, making available the ruins of the historic center, now undergoing renovation. Among the projects most di...
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Moving to Puglia for 5000 euros? That’s how!

The small town of Roseto Valfortore in Puglia offers 5000 euros to those who move to the country. For those who dream of moving to Puglia, this is the opportunity not to be missed. Here's how to do it.Where is Roseto Valfortore located?The small Apulian town is located about an hour from the city of Foggia. It rises in the Daunia mountains, on a hilly rise 658 meters abo...
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In Biccari houses sold for 1 and up to 30 thousand euros

The small town of Biccari has managed to sell and repopulate 14 houses. The cost? Between 30 thousand and 1 euro. Here's the story.Biccari: From the 1 euro houses to the real estate market housesFor the past year, the municipality has launched the "Case a Biccari" (Houses in Biccari) project, which includes both properties for 1 euro and those up to 30 thousand euro. The...
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Bought a ruin for 1 euro in Taranto, it will become an eco-sustainable building

The entrepreneur Vincenzo Fanelli is among the first buyers of the houses for 1 euro, available in the latest announcement of the municipality of Taranto. The ruin purchased for 1 euro in the ancient center of Taranto, will be transformed into an eco-sustainable building.The ruin purchased for 1 euro, of great value but at risk of collapse, will see the first stages of ren...
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1 euro houses in the historic center of Taranto

1 euro houses Taranto 2021
The 1 euro houses project continues to deliver results, with requests coming from the United States and Brazil.To confirm the interest on the part of foreign buyers is the Councilor for Heritage Gianni Cataldino:”As is now known, there are several international investors who have decided to bet on the historic center of the city, in these first two editions of the project....
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First 1 euro houses sold in Biccari

After receiving more than 7000 requests, the municipality of Biccari makes the first sales of its abandoned houses. Prices vary: It starts from houses at 1 euro up to cheap houses at 20,000 euros.The project "Houses in Biccari" is having a great success especially abroad. As the mayor Gianfilippo Mignona stipules:"We try to react to the fate of all the villages, trying to ...
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Assigned the first 1 euro houses in Taranto

The 1 euro houses initiative in Taranto was a success. The municipality of Taranto has assigned the first 1 euro houses of the second call made. The mayor and the administration of the municipality are very satisfied with the response received. The 1 euro houses must now be renovated by the buyers.The municipality of Taranto launched the call in April 2021. With the closur...
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1 Euro Houses Project now available in Candela – Foggia – Puglia

The 1 Euro Houses project available now in Candela- Foggia - Puglia. The municipality of Candela had already tried in 2018 to fight the abandonment of the historic centre, offering 2000.00 euros per family if they move to Candela."Let's recover the historic centre" is the name of their 1 euro houses project in 2021, aiming to combat the depopulation of the town, and the aban...
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Biccari – Foggia – Puglia

The Municipality of Biccari participates in the 1 Euro Houses with 15 properties made available for sale at the symbolic price starting from the sum of 1 euro. The project aimed at repopulating the lively country with 2600 inhabitants starts this year even if the call has been proposed since 2019.To talk about Biccari and the beautiful initiative of mayor Gianfilippo Mign...
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1 Euro houses available in Taranto – Puglia

Taranto is one of the first major Italian cities to join the Case project at 1 euro. Several properties are available, including houses for 1 euro.Getting to know TarantoThe city of Taranto, an Italian municipality of 195,024 inhabitants and provincial capital of Puglia, is located on the north-western end of the Salento region, and overlooks the Ionian Sea.It is nickn...
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Caprarica di Lecce – Lecce – Puglia

Not only 1 Euro HousesThere are currently no reports of homes available1 Euro Houses in Salento? Yes, for 20 years. Recover the old town and fight the depopulation of the town of Caprarica di Lecce. This the goal of the municipality of Caprarica Salento — about 2 thousand and 400 inhabitants — in order to revitalize the historical center where the old buildings crumbling a...
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