Caprarica di Lecce – Lecce – Puglia

Not only 1 Euro Houses

1 Euro Houses in Salento? Yes, for 20 years. Recover the old town and fight the depopulation of the town of Caprarica di Lecce. This the goal of the municipality of Caprarica Salento — about 2 thousand and 400 inhabitants — in order to revitalize the historical center where the old buildings crumbling and abandoned are offered at the symbolic price of 1 euro. Private properties – which remain property of their current owners – are to be handed over to parties interested in restructuring them and making them ‘ active ‘ to be used by new ‘ families ‘ as well as by commercial and associative activities, only to be returned to their rightful owners after 20 years.

But it doesn’t end here because in Capraricathe municipal administration approved a planof support with the elimination of IMU (property tax), Tari (urban services tax) and additional IRPEF (personal revenue tax) for a 10-year periodfor families and young coupleswho choose to ‘ Make a home ‘ in Caprarica. The choice does not concernonly the families but also the commercial and associative activities.

Caprarica di Lecce is located in the Middle East Salento and is 12 Km from Lecce and 16 km from the sea in a typical Mediterranean climate. In the surrounding countryside the land is particularly fertile, and this has allowed the development of agriculture and livestock over the centuries. But the current economy of Caprarica di Lecce is based on the cultivation ofolives and on the production of extra virgin olive oil, on pastoralism, essentially sheep, on thefood industry and on the crushing of stone. In recent years the tourism sector has developed considerably.

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