Destination Lab and 1 Euro Houses

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1 Euro Houses Project with Maurizio Berti will participate in the Destination Lab conference, presenting the concept of 1 euro houses in Italy. The event will be held at the Rimini Palacongressi on March 31, 2022. What can you expect and how to participate?

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What is Destination Lab?

Destination Lab is a study day on the future of tourist destinations.

The concept of “tourist destination” is evolving around the world. The most recent studies on tourism, in addition to the success of AirBnb and everything related to experiential tourism, are giving us precise guidelines on what tourists are looking for in the destination. Local experiences, in fact. Not just knowing, but experiencing the territory.

It is necessary to redefine the concept of destination, making the most of all the emotional aspects. Because this is what tourists are looking for today. And it is the tourist who defines the destination .

Destination Lab is a day of study on the future of tourist destinations to understand together what it means to create and promote tourist experiences in the area and what are the scenarios that open up to the destination of the future.

1 Euro Houses at Destination Lab

Our Maurizio Berti will also participate among the speakers of the event. He will talk about the 1 euro houses projects in Italy, in particular of expatriates, restaurants, part-time residents and the 1 euro houses as an Italian phenomenon and primacy.

For those who would like to participate, they can register for free on the event website. The event will be in Italian only.

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