1 Euro Houses – How to enjoy a revalued pension and live in Italy!

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There is a time in life when one finally comes to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, and proper rest after years of work.

And who would not want to spend their best moments of complete relaxation perhaps with good food, in places of culture, where there is a good climate and all seasoned with the warm Italian welcome???

Buying a 1 euro house after renovating it to spend the vacations in Italy is already a great
goal. But think about whether you could spend even the least busy time of your life there, in your vacation home in Italy, and see your pension increase.

Is it possible?

Well YES!

You should know that in addition to countless incentives for home renovation in the form of
of HOUSE BONUS, which are also valid for those who renovate 1 euro houses, the Italian state has also provided tax incentives for those with pension income provided by foreign entities who move their tax residence to Italy.

How to do it?

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Optional scheme for foreign retirees

Decree Supports Ter (Dl 4/2022)

Legislation already in effect since 2018 that provides for individuals with pension income paid by foreign individuals who transfer their residence to Italy, to one of the municipalities belonging to the territory of the regions:

  • Sicily,
  • Calabria,
  • Sardinia,
  • Campania,
  • Basilicata,
  • Abruzzo,
  • Molise
  • Apulia

It was expanded with the recent Sostegni decree to include some municipalities in central Italy that have been affected by earthquake events in the past and indicating the applicability of residency to those municipalities with a population of 20,000or less.

Thus, individuals who transfer their tax retirement arrangements to Italy with the above conditions can benefit from an optional tax regime, which provides for the application of an Irpef substitute tax at a rate of 7 percent to any category of income produced abroad.

Amorous seniors standing by water against stormy sky and enjoying sundown

Here’s how foreign pensioners can see their pensions revalued by moving to Italy and enjoy life!

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