Living for free in Sambuca: The 1 euro house from Airbnb

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An incredible opportunity to live in an Airbnb 1 euro house. The collaboration between the municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia and the well known company Airbnb brings news. They’re launching the first pilot project: a renovated 1 euro house for FREE. Here’s how it works.

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How Airbnb’s 1 Euro House project works

The project presented by Airbnb is simple: Move to Sicily, live in a beautifully renovated house for 1 euro and become an Airbnb host.

Basically they are looking for people interested in living in Sambuca for 1 year as an Airbnb host. The host has the opportunity to live for free in a newly renovated house for 1 euro. The host will have to welcome guests from all over the world for at least 9 of the 12 months that he/she will spend in the 1 Euro House.

Candidates must be of legal age (therefore over 18 years of age). They must be available to move to Sambuca from 30 June 2022 onwards. As already indicated, of the 12 months they will have to rent a private room inside the house on Airbnb for at least 9 months. The remaining 3 will have the house will be available for themselves.

In addition to the participant/host, the house can be inhabited by a friend, partner or family, up to a maximum of two adults and two children in total. Furthermore, the participant must be able to speak conversational English. The learning of Italian will take place during the stay.

At the moment only one 1 euro house is available for through the collaboration with Airbnb. The renovation of the house is by the Sicilian architecture studio Didea. Studio Didea took inspiration from the original structure of the house, its roots and the heritage of Sambuca to create a residence with 6 rooms.

1 euro house from Airbnb

What are the other rules?

The rules of the contest are ultimately very simple. In addition to the rules already indicated, the participant will be able to return to their country of origin during their stay. The only condition: that you continue to rent the private room on Airbnb during the program dates for a minimum of 9 months of the year, if necessary with the support of a co-host (for example, the Mentor or another person of your choice of the Participant).

There are no rental costs! This means the host / participant will live in the 1 euro house for free. It also includes the following costs, which will be incurred by Airbnb under the Selection Terms:

  • air tickets from the closest airport to the Participant in Sambuca (Italy) purchased directly from Airbnb at its discretion;
  • transfer from the airport upon arrival in Italy;
  • Italian lessons for 1 month and
  • 4 cooking lessons with a local teacher.

Therefore, any costs for personnel, consumables, cleaning services and other contracts are not included. Also keep in mind that maintenance costs are the responsibility of the host.

Do you have a smart working / remote activity, which you want to continue even while working as a host? It is possible to do it, if allowed under the laws of your country of origin and the Italian laws, as long as it is compatible with the required host activities.

How to apply?

You can apply for the position of host / participant directly on the Airbnb website dedicated to the project. More information on Sambuca di Sicilia, their municipality and their 1 euro houses initiative is available on our website.


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