Riabitare l’Italia (Repopulating Italy) – book review

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In the 1 Euro Houses team we are thrilled to read books like Riabitare l’Italia. Here is the book review.

Among the most interesting books that talk about depopulation in Italy, it is certainly Rpopulating Italy: The inland areas between abandonment and reconquest. The book, edited by Antonio De Rossi, contains thoughts, analyzes and comments on the depopulation of Italian rural areas.

What is the book Repopulating Italy about?

In spite of the image closely linked to an urban dimension, Italy is scattered with “marginal territories”. These areas account for almost a quarter of the total population, and more than two thirds of the entire Italian territory.

Repopulating Italy cover

The book compares the reflections of many experts. Among them we find historians, territorialists, architects, geographers, demographers, anthropologists, sociologists, statisticians, economists and ecologists. They analyze the reasons for abandonment, depopulation, flows and new incoming mobilities. In various ways they measure the quality and level of citizenship services, also taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge and public action.

The chapters of greatest interest, in addition to the excellent introduction by Antonio De Rossi, are certainly also:

  • Citizenship maps in inland areas
  • Widespread urbanization
  • Accessibility, mobility and service networks
  • Internal migrations
  • Foreign immigration and neo-population in the highlands

Who should read this book?

Those who will read the book Repopulating Italy (available in Italian only) will discover another Italy, which fully participates in the common destiny of the country, but which suffers more. An Italy that is trying to reorganize itself, to repopulate itself thanks to young people and immigrants. To invent new entrepreneurship, to express a new ecological awareness.

In our team we are always excited to see books published on the subject of depopulation. We hope that you too will enjoy reading Repopulating Italy or giving it to your loved ones.

The book is available in both hardcover and kindle (digital) formats.

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