Carrega Ligure – Alexandria – Piedmont

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Carrega Ligure 1 Euro Houses?
Not really but … Opportunity YES!

Carrega Ligure is a municipality in the province of Alexandria. Beginning in the late 1800s, many inhabitants of Carrega Ligure were forced to emigrate to the Americas, leaving some homes in their sad and inexorable decline. The “1 Euro Houses” project would have wanted to stop this degradation by allowing those who subscribe to the willingness to renovate these houses in accordance with the original architecture and the environment in which they were built, to come into possession of them to the symbolic figure of 1 Euro.

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Four thousand renovation projects have been submitted, the municipality has considered a hundred interesting. To date, no trade has been completed. Unfortunately, the bureaucratic difficulties, coupled with the land splits and a “planetary” distribution of their owners, have proved to be insurmountable obstacles. However, this idea has moved ancient beliefs that culturally prevented the sale of “ruins” by the rightful owners.

The role of the municipality will be a simple intermediary to connect those who want to dispose of their “ruin” (perhaps not to 1 Euro but certainly for very modest amounts) with those who want to restructure it.

For more information visit the website of the municipality of Carrega Ligure.

How to reach Carrega Ligure


  • Genoa Airport: 83 km, 1h30min
  • Milan Linate Airport: 145 km, 2h


  • From Genoa: 57km, 1h40min
  • From Piacenza: 135km, 2h5min
Altitudine958 m

Contacts of the municipality

Municipality of Carrega Ligure

Capital Street, 48 15060 Carrega Ligure (AL)
Phone/Fax: 39 0143 97115

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