1 euro houses in Albugnano : The assigned houses!

In Albugnano, houses assigned!Thanks to the 1 euro houses initiative of the municipality of Albugnano here is the first house assigned! The first to move to Albugnano to her new €1 home will be Francesca Anselmi.Houses assigned in Albugnano: The Anselmi family.The first €1 house in Albungano has been assigned! Francesca Anselmi is overjoyed, along with her entire famil...
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I’m going to live in the mountains! The Piedmont project

Photo by Konstantin Kleine on Unsplash
The initiative of the Piedmont region, called "I go to live in the mountains" received 571 applications. The love for life in the mountainous countryside is therefore there! What are the results of the project and what are the other opportunities to move to the region?The return to the mountainAn incredible success for the Piedmont region! The project, launched in early ...
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Do you want to live in the mountains? Piedmont launches the initiative for those who want to move

On September 1st, the Piedmont Region has published an announcement with which it intends to encourage those who want to change their lives by moving to a country nestled in its mountains. For those who want to live in the mountains this could be a good opportunity to move.Living in the mountains: Opportunities for those who want to moveThe President of the Piedmont Regi...
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The Municipality of Albugnano in Piedmont participates in the 1 Euro Houses initiative

The municipality of Albugnano, in the province of Asti, participates in the initiative "1 Euro Houses". In Albugnano they want to promote the territory and counter the abandonment and depopulation of the country. They expect many local residents will participate to the project and make the houses available for purchase.Getting to know AlbugnanoThe small town of Albugnano...
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Carrega Ligure – Alexandria – Piedmont

Carrega Ligure
Carrega Ligure 1 Euro Houses? Not really but ... Opportunity YES!Carrega Ligure is a municipality in the province of Alexandria. Beginning in the late 1800s, many inhabitants of Carrega Ligure were forced to emigrate to the Americas, leaving some homes in their sad and inexorable decline. The "1 Euro Houses" project would have wanted to stop this degradation by allowing tho...
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Cnn talks about the 1 euro houses of Borgomezzavalle

Borgomezzavalle on the website of CNN USA, in the Travel section. The CNN reports the Italian initiatives against the depopulation of rural areas. The municipality of Valle Antrona is one of the localities mentioned in the report, together with the huts for sale for one euro. Also mentioned are the thousand-euro benefit for newborns, and the two-thousand benefit for those who...
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Borgomezzavalle – Verbano Cusio Ossola – Piemonte

The municipality of Borgomezzavalle is also partecipating in the 1 Euro Houses Project.1 Euro Houses are incentives to repopulate the country. An initiative of the municipality of Borgomezzavalle in the province of Verbania in Piedmont, a village that tastes of traditions and where you can breathe the spirit of community. They want to encourage people to move to repopulate ...
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