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The small village of Chiaromonte joins the list of municipalities with €1 homes. The notice was approved a few days ago by the City Council. Here’s how to participate in the 1 euro house sale and purchase in Chiaromonte.

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Getting to know Chiaromonte

At an elevation of 794 meters above sea level, Chiaromonte stands on a rock overlooking the Sinni River valley and the valley of the Serrapotamo stream. As Chiaromonte is an ancient village in origin, we find ancient archaeological areas in the area, dating back to the Iron Age.

The historic center is gathered on the rocky outcrop with very narrow streets and steps interconnecting the houses. The modern center has expanded to the slopes of the hill.

Chiaromonte became an important trading center as early as the ancient Greeks. It was later conquered by the Romans, who had a fort at Castrovetere (south of present-day Chiaromonte). During the Middle Ages a fortress was erected there by the Normans and Lombards after an earthquake razed the town in the 9th century. The Chiaromonte and Sanseverino feudal families later took over. They built the castle (now a former monastery) and the city walls, with cylindrical and square towers.

A characteristic feature of the village is the presence of numerous caves carved into the rock, where reserves of red wine handcrafted by local vineyards are stored. This red wine is a staple of Chiaromonte’s gastronomy.

Among the most important civil buildings are the Bishop’s Palace and the baronial Di Giura Palace, with its attached circular tower. Also worth mentioning are the oldest entrance gate, called Portello, in the district of the same name just below the mother church.


How to get to Chiaromonte


  • From Cosenza: 160 km, 1h 50min. Follow A2/E45 in the direction of SS653 to Lauria. Take the Lauria Nord exit from A2/E45. Continue on SS653. Drive in the direction of Via A. Spaltro/SP65 Provincial Road in Chiaromonte.
  • From Naples: 230 km, 2h 35min. Follow A3 and A2 in the direction of SS653 to Lauria. Take the Lauria Nord exit from A2/E45. Continue on SS653. Drive in the direction of Via A. Spaltro/SP65 Provincial Road in Chiaromonte.
  • From Bari: 175 km, 2h 10min. Follow Strada Statale 100, S.da Statale 106 Jonica/E90 and SS653 to Senise. Drive in the direction of Via A. Spaltro/SP65 Provincial Road in Chiaromonte.
  • From Taranto: 125 km, 1h 40min. Follow S.da Statale 106 Jonica/E90 in the direction of Via Nazionale in Policoro. Take the exit towards Zona Artigianale Policoro/Sinnica from S.da Statale 106 Jonica/E90. Take SS653 in the direction of Via A. Spaltro/SP65 in Chiaromonte.


  • Bari-Karol Wojtyla International Airport: 200 km, 2h 4 min
  • Naples International Airport: 235km, 2h 30min
Altitudine794 m

How the 1 euro houses project works in Chiaromonte

The municipality of Chiaromonte has published on its official website all the information and regulations for joining the €1 Houses project. The municipality will pledge to help both those seeking to sell their dilapidated houses for the symbolic price of 1 euro and those seeking to buy them.

At present, the regulations give instructions for both. Owners must express their interest in selling houses through Annex A, following the directions and rules in the regulations.

Regulations for 1-euro homebuyers in Chiaromonte

The buyer should also submit their interest via form, specifically Annex B. The buyer must:

  • Express their willingness to join the public initiative called “Houses for one euro” approved by the Chiaromonte Municipality.
  • Declare that, in accordance with the indications of the Regulations and its own investment project, the property thus acquired will be allocated according to the following priority: (cross out the item of interest)
    • Housing for young couples or disadvantaged families;
    • Homes for individuals and / or families;
    • Homes for tourist purposes (Second holiday homes);
    • Tourist-receptive facilities (B&B, Albergo diffuso, etc.);
    • Premises for stores and/or craft workshops (weaving, tailoring, agribusiness production etc.);
  • Finalize the conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement with the private seller within 2 (two) months from the formalization of the compromise which shall be transmitted in copy to the Municipal Administration.
  • Prepare and file with the competent Office of the Municipality the project for the renovation, restoration, conservative rehabilitation and/or restructuring and redevelopment of the acquired property, in accordance with the regulations in force at the time and according to the chosen destination, no later than 3 (three) months after the signing of the purchase and sale agreement with the seller.
  • Begin work no later than 2 (two) months after the issuance of the building permit, or enabling act however named.
  • Complete the work no later than the term of 3 (three) years from the commencement of the work, unless an extension is duly justified and authorized by the City.
  • Enter a surety policy in favor of the Municipality of Chiaromonte (PZ), valid 3 (three), to guarantee the effective implementation of the investment project and related works. The surety bond will be equal to the total amount of costs specified in the regulations (permit fees, fees for issuing opinions, local taxes).

How will the 1 euro houses project be managed by the municipality of Chiaromonte?

The City Administration, based on the demand/supply, will consider the possibility of launching an expression of interest to identify a general contractor, who can take care of the renovation of the buildings (design, construction management, construction execution, testing). This does not prohibit the buyer from proceeding independently.

For more information on the regulations you can visit the municipality’s website directly.

Contacts of the municipality

Municipality of Chiaromonte
Via Giovanni di Giura 4

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