Ripacandida – Potenza – Basilicata

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Ripacandida in Basilicata joins the municipalities with 1 euro houses. Do you want to join the purchase or sale of 1 euro houses in Ripacandida ? Here is the information about the 1 euro houses project as it stands now and how to join.

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Get to know Ripacandida

The small village in the province of Potenza, Basilicata has a historic medieval city center. It contains baronial palaces dating back to 1700 and 1800. Among the best known is the ancient Casa Lioy, a mansion built around the year 1089, on foundations from an earlier period. Also important is the ancient noble residence of Palazzo Baffari-Rossi, formerly a Carmelite convent during the 18th century, today the town hall. The lower floor of the building houses the Ripacandida Civic Art Gallery.

In addition to the historical and artistic richness, Ripacandida does not disappoint in the nature department. Situated on a hill, the city is surrounded by woods and nature, keeping the climate cool all year round, without ever getting too cold.

The typical cuisine of Ripacandida

The braid is the characteristic braided shape bread is called “Ruciulatieggh”. The origin of this type of bread is unknown and does not exist in neighboring cities and villages. Prepared by housewives, it was then cooked in the ovens of the houses.

“I rucuilatieggh” were prepared with a mixture of flour, oil, water, fennel seeds, eggs, salt and yeast and then polished with egg yolk. The tradition continues in the bakeries that prepare it on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Easter bread is another type of braid prepared only in Ripacandida, called “Scarceggh” in dialectal form. It consists of a braid dough made in the shape of a cone, where an egg half inside and half outside is placed at the top, not cooked, which will be cooked together with the dough in the oven. Everything is closed by a cross always of the same mixture. There is still another variant, that of adding a “handle”, as if it were a bag.

How to get to Ripicandida


  • Bari Airport , 145 km, 1h 45min: Leaving the airport, go in the direction of Bitonto. Take the ring road and proceed on the A14 Adriatica motorway towards Naples. Exit the motorway at the Candela exit. At the roundabout, exit towards Melfi / Rapone / Calitri / Monteverde / Fotenza and continue on the SS655. Choose the Potenza / Melfi road (SS658) and continue to your destination.
  • Naples airport, 175 km, 2h 15 min: Leaving the airport, go towards the A56 motorway towards Bari / Rome. Follow the A16 / E842 motorway towards Salerno / Avellino / Benevento / Bari. Exit the motorway at the Candela exit. At the roundabout, exit towards Melfi / Rapone / Calitri / Monteverde / Fotenza and continue on the SS655. Choose the Potenza / Melfi road (SS658) and continue to your destination.


  • Bari, 145 km, 1h 45 min.
  • Taranto, 180 km, 2h 30min.
  • Naples, 175 km, 2h 15 min.
Altitudine620 m

The 1 euro houses project in Ripicandida

The municipality of Ripicandida encountered the problem of depopulation as early as the 1960s. The population of the village has been in decline since the postwar period, with no signs of rising and developing. With the abandonment of the village, dilapidated and abandoned houses were created in the historic center. To counter this phenomenon and restart the economy of the village, the municipality launches the 1 euro houses project in Ripicandida.

The initiative focuses on the recovery, enhancement and safety of privately owned properties in the historic center. At this point, the municipality is interested in finding the private owners of:

  • Buildings that are neither inhabited nor habitable, in evident conditions of decay.
  • Non-inhabited but habitable buildings, which, although not in obvious conditions of decay.

Private owners who want to get rid of this type of property can contact the municipality and make them available for sale at the symbolic price of 1 euro. Those who fall within these parameters can fill in the transfer form, indicated by the municipality here. In addition, you will need to fill in the description of the property here .

For those who want to buy 1 euro houses in Ripicandida, renovate them and move, in this first phase must fill in the form required by the municipality, available here .

The entire announcement of the municipality is available on their website in pdf format.

Contacts of the municipality

Municipality of Ripacandida

Via G.B. Rossi 3

85020 Ripacandida (PCS)

Certified e-mail (PEC) mail:


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