Pietramelara has received visitors who want to buy a house for 1 euro

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Since the start of the call, the municipality of Pietramelara has already made an agreement of sale for a house for 1 euro. The purchase will be made by a couple from the Czech Republic, who want to settle down in Italy.

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Katerina and Adam are the couple from the Czech Republic who will buy the first house for 1 euro in Pietramelara. They were welcomed by the deputy mayor Giovanni De Robbio who acted as their guide, explaining the status of the 1 euro houses project in the municipality. Katerina and Adam have decided to proceed to the next phase next autumn, when one of the houses in the village will be made available and it will be possible to proceed with the renovation.

The young couple wants to move to the village. They will look for work as a mechanical engineer and accounting expert. Our 1 Euro Houses team is excited about this development, just as the deputy mayor is.

“For the Administration all of this is already a great success considering the initial skepticism, the many ifs and buts. Today the first objective is to awaken people’s consciences, with respect to such an important historical architectural heritage as our village has. I believe it has been abundantly achieved!”

Pietramelara Houses for 1 euro

The 1 Euro Houses project in Pietramelara

The project was launched by the municipal administration at the beginning of 2021. In the first phase, the municipality has committed itself (and continues to do so) to find abandoned houses. These will be put up for sale at the symbolic price of 1 euro. The houses will be put up for sale for those who would be willing to renovate them and live there or start a business there.

The central idea remains the recovery and enhancement of the real estate assets of Pietramelara. Information on the municipality and on the call approved by the administration is available on our website, specifically on the page dedicated to Pietramelara.

Source: V-News

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