Pratola Peligna reclaims abandoned houses

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In Pratola Peligna, the recovery of abandoned houses in the historic center of the village continues. In addition to the 1 euro houses project, Pratola Peligna is also taking action on other fronts to counter depopulation.

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Recovery of the Uninhabited continues

Work on the Recovery of the Uninhabited continues unabated. The project was initiated in the last council term by the Pratola Peligna municipal administration, followed by alderman Paolo Di Bacco.

Mayor Antonella Di Nino explains:

“In addition to surveying the state of decay, guidelines for building interventions in the various historic districts have been prepared. Targeted demolitions through the public-private partnership instrument have not been ruled out. This serves the goal of raising the livability levels of neighboring homes as well as fostering conditions for socialization. All of this is under the premise of increased safety in post-earthquake interventions.”

Pratola Peligna

1 euro houses in Pratola Peligna

The “1 euro houses” project is an integral part of the program. In addition, it is the key tool for countering decay and redevelopment. There are 19 properties made available by private individuals in the special Showcase, posted on the main page of the institution’s website.

Houses for 1 euro can be found on various addresses in the historic village center. There are 6 deeds already stipulated, 5 soon to be stipulated. The table shows the 5 deposited plans, 4 on-site inspections and 4 document verifications.

“It is a challenging and stimulating bet that we count on winning with planning, the cooperation of citizens and the valuable work of the offices. The results of the past few years tell us that we are on the right track.

For more information about the project you can visit our Pratola Peligna page.


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