The 1 euro houses in Campania are selling like hot cakes

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The 1 euro houses in Campania have become very popular in recent times. They are practically sold out in all the municipalities that offer them! But where are these small abandoned villages and how to have the opportunity to buy one of the houses for 1 euro in Campania?

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Campania and its beauties

The Campania region is one of the most beautiful in Italy. It offers both beautiful beaches with small maritime towns and small inland villages. In short, a very varied region with many natural and historical beauties to offer. Like many regions of southern Italy, Campania also suffers from the depopulation of small villages. The inhabitants have for decades left their homes in the villages to move to the big cities. Now, many of these houses are empty, creating uninhabited historic centers with dilapidated houses.

The 1 euro Homes project aims to repopulate these properties. At the symbolic price of 1 euro, whoever buys them undertakes to renovate them and restore some life to the abandoned villages. In Campania, the municipalities involved are many! Here we offer a complete list for those interested in moving to the countryside, renovating beautiful homes with lots of potential.

Altavilla Silentina
Altavilla Silentina

1 euro houses in Campania: What are the municipalities that offer them?

In Campania we can find 4 municipalities that have joined the 1 euro Case initiative. Here is the complete list with reference also to the map of municipalities throughout Italy

Altavilla Silentina

The latest municipality to join the 1 euro Case project in the region is Altavilla Silentina . The town is located on a hill covered with olive trees with considerable differences in altitude and has about 7000 inhabitants. Buyers must present the expression of interest in the purchase and adhere and support the initiative of the Municipality, assuming all the charges provided for in the guidelines.


Bisaccia is a characteristic village in Campania that has sold 40 abandoned houses for one euro. The houses can be purchased as long as the buyer takes care of the restructuring and consequent safety measures. In this way the historic center of Bisaccia would regain its original decor.

The announcement of the municipality of Bisaccia and all the information related to the project are available here .


The small town of just 1500 inhabitants has chosen a slightly different approach to restocking. However, it remains interesting and connected to the Case 1 euro initiative. Those interested in living in Teora subscribe to a rent contribution of € 150 per month. Alternatively, you can make a contribution for the purchase of a house of € 5,000. The minimum period of residence is 3 years.


Last in alphabetical order is the town of Zungoli . After the successful sale of the first houses for 1 euro , the municipality continues with the initiative. By adding new homes for renovation, the municipality continues to attract new residents and those who would like to move to the countryside.

The map of the 1 euro houses in Italy

Source: Esquire , TeleClubItalia

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