The villages pay half rent to those who move for remote working

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The small abandoned villages are being activated with remote working. Some time ago, the Huffpost told the stories of those who moved for remote working in Santa Fiora. The small village in the province of Grossetto has offered to those who move half the rent paid.

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Santa Fiora is a town in the province of Grosseto with about 2500 inhabitants. To combat depopulation, the village reinvents itself with remote working, inviting those who work from home to move to the village. The municipality undertakes to pay half of the rent for the first six months. The rents are already starting low, which makes the offer even more inticing.

Santa Fiora: remote working village
Santa Fiora, province of Grosseto

Boom of remote working villages

Remote working villages have become a real phenomenon in Italy. Thanks also to the pandemic, which has mobilized work from home, those who want can easily work from wherever they want. You no longer need to pay high rents in big cities! You can move where you feel most comfortable.

The stories of those who rented a house in Santa Fiora are beautiful and speak of a return to the countryside and the small villages of Italy. Like the 1 Euro Houses project, this initiative also tries to make small villages interesting. Municipalities try to motivate young people to return to small communities, bringing with them skills, stimuli, work and economy.

1 Euro Houses near Santa Fiora

Tuscany has long been a region where we can find municipalities with 1 euro houses. One of the successful projects was definitely Montieri, located in the same province of Santa Fiora. To keep them company there was also the municipality of Fabbriche di Vergemoli,in the province of Lucca.

Both villages immediately sold off their 1 euro homes, as the houses in Tuscany are immediately snapped up.

There are, however, other depopulated villages further away that offer 1 euro homes today. You can review the complete map of Italian villages with 1 euro houses on our website.

Source: Huffpost

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