Triora – Imperia – Liguria

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In the Ligurian town of Triora live less than 400 people. Over the years the village has experienced the phenomenon of depopulation and the consequent degradation of the buildings of the historic centre.

The Municipal Administration that has not given up on abandonment is determined to repopulate the country by adopting the “1 euro houses project“.

This small village, surrounded by mountains not far from the Ligurian sea, is also called the country of witches and is part of the Association of “The most beautiful villages in Italy”

The village of remote origins had an important strategic military role in the feudal period and then in the period of the Republic of Genoa with jurisdiction over a vast territory, and deserved the name of the granary of the Republic as it supplied Genoa with large quantities of wine and wheat. Triora managed to resist the wars between the Savoy and Genoa royals and until the fall of Napoleon belonged to France. It became part of the Kingdom of Italy from 1860.

The village of Triora is located in a mountain scenery in the upper Argentine valley. The mountain scenery and full of lush woods where you can practice trekking and walking in the small hamlets adjacent or in its small hamlets reaching unexpected panoramic points in the Ligurian Alps that leave you breathtaking.

Interesting location that of Triora from the sea as it is only a 50-minute drive from the sea of the Ligurian coast but it is possible to do different activities such as trekking and orienteering, mountain-biking and free-climbing in the locality Loreto, walks and excursions in the woods and mountains of Triora. Tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, boules,…and if you love nature you can’t get bored in Triora.

How to reach Triora


  • Via Albenga Savona Airport which is 88 km from Triora.


  • From Genoa via A10/E80 for 2 hours and 39 minutes
  • From Sanremo via SP548 for 54 minutes
  • From Nice via A10/E80 and A8 for 1 hour and 41 minutes
Altitudine780 m

The 1 Euro Houses Project in Triora

With the first call, there are about twenty houses made available for symbolic sale for 1 euro. On the website of the municipality of Triora you can visit the session related to the acquisition of houses for 1€. The houses made available are not habitable and need major renovations. The administration is confident that the facilities put in place in the construction sector for Italy can arouse a lot of interest for those interested in moving from the city to a small reality such as that of Triora where it is possible and the need to live in more human-friendly contexts is more widespread than ever.

Buyers will need to know to commit to:

  • express its willingness to join the public initiative approved by the Municipality of 6/7 Triora with the resolution of the Municipal Council. 107/2020 with the aim of recovering and redeveloping urban buildings located in the Municipality of Triora with particular reference to those located in the historic center of the capital and the hamlets;
  • declare that you meet the requirements to be able to legitimately contract with the public administration, as natural persons or legal entities (in this case, with the declaration made by the Legal Representative, the same declares for itself and for any members having the administration of the legal entity, the possession of the conditions provided to be able to legitimately contract with the public administration);
  • manifest the desire to acquire the property, marked with the code of the “1 Euro Houses” and undertake and undertake to bear the expenses, none excluded, however related to the regular transfer of ownership of the property (notary, tax, voltura, succession, even late, any building sanatoria) and to reimburse the seller the expenses incurred by the seller during the period of availability of the property to the Municipality (taxes and taxes, local and state);
  • to complete the conclusion of the contract of sale with the private seller, as well as to set up the bank or insurance surety policy referred to in point (G) above, no. 2 (two) months from the approval of the allocation documents, by the Municipality, unless duly substantiated extensions authorized by the Municipality, on pain of forfeiture;
  • oblige you to prepare and deposit with the competent Office of the Municipality the project for the renovation, restoration, conservative renovation and /or renovation and redevelopment of the acquired property, in accordance with the current rules of the time and according to the chosen destination, no later than n. 6 (six) months from the conclusion of the contract of sale with the seller, unless duly substantiated extensions authorized by the Municipality;
  • oblige you to start work no later than no. 12 (twelve) months after the issue of the building permit, or equivalent act according to the law, and to complete them no later than the time limit of no. 4 (four) years from the date of conclusion of the contract, unless duly substantiated extensions authorized by the Municipality;
  • to take out a special bank or insurance trust policy, within the period referred to in point D above) in favour of the Municipality of Triora of the amount of € 4,000.00 valid for n. 4 years and six months, and renewable at the request of the Municipality at the time of concessions of any extensions, to guarantee the effective compliance with the obligations referred to in the previous points. This guarantee must expressly provide for the waiver of the 7/7 benefit of the prior excusion of the main debtor, the waiver of the exception referred to in article 1957, paragraph 2, of the Civil Code, and the operation of the guarantee itself within fifteen days, at the simple written request of the Municipality. In case of non-compliance by the buyer or non-compliance with the commitments made and declared, the Municipality will forfeit the security.
  • declare the knowledge that the Municipality of Triora, within the framework of the initiative, plays the role of main bearer of the public interests described in point no. 1) and to ensure compliance with the clauses provided for in these Guidelines to protect the interests involved.

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We inform you that, with reference to the 1 Euro Houses project, it will be possible, from JUNE 15th for 30 days until JULY 15th at 12.00 pm, to submit offers for two properties; all documentation on this site at the following link.

Cover of the 1 Euro Houses Ebook

All the information about the houses at 1€ with our ebook for 2€

  1. Available in English in PDF and epub format.
  2. How do the 1 Euro Houses Projects work?
  3. How to find available 1 Euro Houses in Italy?
  4. How to plan for the purchase and renovation?
After the purchase, you will receive access to the ebook via email. The file must be downloaded within 48 hours of purchase. If you have any questions about the purchase, we are available via email.

Contacts of the municipality

Municipality of Triora
Corso Italia 7
18010 Triora IM
Tel: +39 018494049