Pignone 1 euro houses: Over 100 requests received

Pignone receives over 100 requests for 1 euro houses
The municipality of Pignone has closed the applications for 1 euro houses. As of December 31, they have received over 100 requests for available abandoned homes. What are the next steps?The 1 euro houses project in Pignone: phase 2Pignone's initiative has given excellent results both in Italy and abroad. The expressions of interest received by the municipality by the dea...
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1 euro houses soon available in Pignone

In the small Ligurian town of Pignone some time ago they published the tender for 1 euro houses. Soon the first houses will be available, made available by those who want to get rid of them.Passed the technical examination of the 1 euro houses availableThe first five 1 euro houses available for purchase and renewal by interested individuals or companies have passed the t...
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Pignone is reborn with the 1 Euro Houses project

In Pignone in Liguria the 1 euro houses project had an excellent response from the public. Since May, when the call for the sale of houses was published, thousands of people have sent their requests.As the mayor of Pignone Ivano Barcellone explains:"Since May we have received more than 2500 requests on how to buy real estate. 50% came from abroad, even from South America. ...
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1 Euro Houses for sale in Triora: Two new properties available

Two new houses for 1 euro in the historic center of Triora have been put up for sale. The initiative that has been very successful with the first house, already sold, is proposed again with two new properties. The 1 Euro Houses available are located on Via Cava and on Via San Bernardino.The starting price of the houses is 1 euro. Having said that, there is nothing to preven...
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1 Euro Houses in Pignone – La Spezia – Liguria

The Municipality of Pignone despite its enviable strategic position between the Val di Vara and the CinqueTerre park,today has only 600 inhabitants and many properties that need renovation. The administration, therefore, intends to bring a new revitalization of the country that passes through the project of the sale of houses to a symbolic piece - 1 Euro Houses - acting as a l...
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Triora – Imperia – Liguria

In the Ligurian town of Triora live less than 400 people. Over the years the village has experienced the phenomenon of depopulation and the consequent degradation of the buildings of the historic centre.The Municipal Administration that has not given up on abandonment is determined to repopulate the country by adopting the "1 euro houses project".This small village, surr...
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