Pignone is reborn with the 1 Euro Houses project

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In Pignone in Liguria the 1 euro houses project had an excellent response from the public. Since May, when the call for the sale of houses was published, thousands of people have sent their requests.

As the mayor of Pignone Ivano Barcellone explains:

“Since May we have received more than 2500 requests on how to buy real estate. 50% came from abroad, even from South America. There has also been great interest from many citizens of Northern Italy. We have consequently ‘collected’ about twenty adhesions and we should have, by the end of September, a large package of houses that will be put up for sale in order to then open the call.”

Pignone Center
Pignone Center

“From that moment on on the website of the Municipality you can check, look at what kind of property will be available and consult the booklet. You can also check the state of the places, the origin, if there are successions to be made. The call is also open to foreigners, it will also be possible to contact the owner and put yourself on the list for a contact.”

The news is very positive, as it shows interest both from the municipality, which is committed to finding the houses, and from buyers.

For more information on the sale and purchase of 1 Euro Houses in Pignone, you can visit our website.

Source: Città della Spezia

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