1 Euro Houses in Pignone – La Spezia – Liguria

The Municipality of Pignone despite its enviable strategic position between the Val di Vara and the CinqueTerre park,today has only 600 inhabitants and many properties that need renovation. The administration, therefore, intends to bring a new revitalization of the country that passes through the project of the sale of houses to a symbolic piece – 1 Euro Houses – acting as a link between the owners and buyers.

The history of Pignone

Ancient is the history of Pignone that dates back to some finds in the Bronze Age. However, it is around the Middle Ages, with the construction of the Romanesque church S.Maria dell’Assunta, when the whole village was created as it is still found today. The village is without walls but the compactness of the houses, leaning against each other, forms a defensive barrier along the canal that crosses it. To enter the village you have to cross a characteristic Romanesque bridge in the form of a “donkey’s back” built around 1500.

The natural environment of Pignone consists of mountains, valley and streams with chestnut woods. There are numerous paths that connect the village with the surrounding areas both towards the Val di Vara and the nearby Cinque Terre.

Pignone has developed in recent years an agricultural production of great interest where potatoes, beans and “dry” corn are grown. Corn is especially important, as the tasty and delicate polenta is obtained from it.

Every year at the end of summer, Pignone presents these products at the market exhibition “The gardens of Pignone”,visited by hundreds of people who appreciate its products.

The village of Pignone is the green oasis behind the Cinque Terre, the most famous villages in the world, and is chosen by many tourists to spend their holidays or leisure time in nature. As Pignone is very accessible and valuable to this corner of the Italian coast, it can boast the title of “World Heritage Site”.

ProvinciaLa Spezia
Altitudine189 m

How to reach Pignone

By plane:

  • Genoa Christopher Columbus International Airport: 1 hour 24 minutes

By Car:

  • From Spezia: 25 minutes via Via Aurelia

The 1 Euro Houses Project in Pignone

The municipality of Pignone has approved the regulation of the sale of 1 Euro Houses. Documents will soon be published to determine how to send the request of sale and any requests for buyers.

Buyers will have to submit:

  • an explanatory report of the recovery of the property and their future use (e.g. dwelling, second homes, shops, etc.)
  • the characteristics of the parties involved in the proposal for intervention and their competences:
    • documentation proving that the requirements for proposers have been met;
    • declaration by the operator of commitment to sign the public deed of sale of the property, assuming at his own expense all the costs for the transfer of ownership;
    • declaration by the operator of the commitment to enter into a guarantee policy in favour of the Municipality, to guarantee the restructuring and recovery commitments entered into, a surety policy of €5,000.00 for interventions worth up to €50,000.00 and €10,000.00 for interventions worth more than €50,000.00.

The Municipality reserves the right to request clarifications and / or additions to the documentation submitted if this is necessary for the correct evaluation of the proposals.

Rules available here.

Municipal resolution available here.

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Contacts of the municipality

Comune di Pignone
Via Casale,89
19020 Pignone (SP)
Tel: +390187887002