Oyace houses for 1 euro: 14 requests for 2 properties

Oyace Case for 1 euro
In the municipality of Oyace they received 14 requests for the purchase of the 2 houses for 1 euro available. What are the next steps for Oyace and what to do if you are interested in future calls for 1 euro houses?The 1 euro houses are selling like hot cakesThey have arrived in Oyace 17 requests in total. 14 are those considered admissible by the municipal commission, i...
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Oyace – Aosta – Valle D’Aosta

The small alpine village of Oyace participates in the 1 Euro Houses Project.The mayor Stefania Clos is eager to repopulate her mountain village, where 200 people currently reside. To show this need, where there are several abandoned and disused buildings. The town is located just under 1,400 meters above sea level in the Valpelline, about 20 minutes by car from Aosta. Oyac...
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