Cinquefrondi: the ‘Covid-free’ Italian town selling $1 houses | CNN Travel

Italy's one-dollar home bonanza seems to be back on as coronavirus restrictions lift across the country. And one town is hoping its declared "Covid-free" status will help attract buyers looking to get themselves a bargain. And the deals seem to be better than ever. Cinquefrondi, a community in the southern region of Calabria, calls itself a "Covid-free village" after swerving t...
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Cinquefrondi – Reggio Calabria – Calabria

Cinquefrondi, the Italian country that has overcome the health emergency due to CoronaVirus, joins the project "1 Euro Houses".With this initiative called "Cinquefrondi Builds Beauty" Mayor Michele Conia wants to reverse the trend of depopulation and abandonment of the country.So Mayor Conia tells us about the initiative."Finding new owners for the many abandoned h...
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