Cinquefrondi: the ‘Covid-free’ Italian town selling $1 houses | CNN Travel

Italy's one-dollar home bonanza seems to be back on as coronavirus restrictions lift across the country. And one town is hoping its declared "Covid-free" status will help attract buyers looking to get themselves a bargain. And the deals seem to be better than ever. Cinquefrondi, a community in the southern region of Calabria, calls itself a "Covid-free village" after swerving t...
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Cnn talks about the 1 euro houses of Borgomezzavalle

Borgomezzavalle on the website of CNN USA, in the Travel section. The CNN reports the Italian initiatives against the depopulation of rural areas. The municipality of Valle Antrona is one of the localities mentioned in the report, together with the huts for sale for one euro. Also mentioned are the thousand-euro benefit for newborns, and the two-thousand benefit for those who...
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