How and where to buy 1 Euro Houses in Italy

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The 1 Euro Houses projects are expanding throughout Italy. But how and where to buy the 1 Euro Houses? What are the procedures? What are the actual costs of such a purchase? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Santa Fiora: smart working village
The small villages adhere to various projects to repopulate the territory.

Where to start when we want to buy 1 Euro Houses?

For those who hear about the 1 Euro Houses project for the first time, we have good news. The project is true and works in more than 40 Italian municipalities. As you are not the only ones who hear about the project for the first time, we have created a page on purpose, where we explain how the houses project works at 1 euro. If you start from here you have taken the first step on your way to purchase.

Now you can start to see which municipalities offer 1 Euro Housesconsultant our map of the houses at 1 Euro. For those who want more detailed information on budget, step-by-step guide and general information, you can also buy our ebook on the subject.

Where are the 1 Euro Houses in Italy?

The 1 Euro Houses project is joined by numerous municipalities in Italy. At the moment, our list includes more than 50 municipalities with active projects. What does this mean? The projects are in various stages of implementation. Some have just begun, and are looking for both those who want to buy houses, and those who want to sell them. Others are engaged in the census of real estate, detecting those suitable for sale and renewal.

Other municipalities, on the other hand, are in the execution phase of the project. This means that they are ready to sell the 1 Euro Houses immediately. In the end we have instead those who managed to sell all the 1 Euro Houses The latter usually continue to encourage those who want to move, buying a house at the price (however low) of the real estate market.

A short time ago we wrote an article about houses at 1 euro for sale in 2021. For those who want to follow the fresh news about it, you can always visit our latest news.

Interested in the sea? There are numerous municipalities with houses available less than 50 km from the sea. Or are you a mountain person? Piedmont has recently launched an interesting initiative.

Buy 1 Euro Houses you can, but the final cost?

The 1 Euro Houses are sold to buyers for 1 euro, with the promise to renovate and live there. The renovation of an abandoned and/or ruined house may vary depending on the original state of the house.

The costs to consider are:

  • notarial and administrative costs,
  • taxes
  • cost for preparing a general renewal plan,
  • cost for the actual renovation of the house.

In our ebook we have prepared a specific example that can be useful to those who are considering buying a house for 1 euro. In general, the cost is low or lower than if you buy a house on the real estate market.

Do you want us to accompany you to see the houses?

In addition to the publication of information and news regarding the Houses projects 1 Euro Houseswe also offer personalized accompaniments to see the houses. For those who would be interested in our services, you can contact us via online form here.

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