1 Euro Houses for sale 2021

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The 1 Euro Houses projects exploded in 2021. The project has been joined by numerous municipalities throughout Italy that are now in various phases of the project. Where can you find 1 Euro Houses for sale in 2021 and how to adhere to the specific projects for those interested?

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1 Euro Houses in Sicily 2021

Sicily is among the first regions that has undertaken the initiative of the 1 Euro Houses. Many of the municipalities that have joined the project have been successful in selling ruined houses in historic centers. Today, villages such as Sambuca, Mussomeli or Salemi see not only a growth of its inhabitants, but also an important economic development. This year, many new municipalities have been added to the list, some with new projects, renewed in 2021.


Among the first municipalities to launch into the project is certainly Augusta,where they approved the call as early as January. Currently there are no particular news on the project, but you can join both for the purchase of the available houses and for the sale of those who have a dilapidated or abandoned house in Augusta.

Castel di Lucio

Castel di Lucio enters the circuit of the 1 Euro Houses project to enhance the historic center where many abandoned houses that need to be renovated. They are currently trying to find both sellers and buyers of the dilapidated houses. Currently the list includes 3 properties available for purchase.

Castiglione di Sicilia

The municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia is one of the largest Sicilian municipalities that is added to the project. Currently there are about ten properties available with the possibility of extension to other houses put up for sale. For each property, rankings will be drawn up for the assignment based on the timing of the renovation and on the basis of the increased offer.


The municipality of Mussomeli has embarked on a real organizational rebirth, putting on a site dedicated to the sale and purchase of 1 Euro Houses As for many other municipalities, also for Mussomeli the goal is to recover and enhance the uninhabited and abandoned properties of the historic center.


Pettineo is a small town in the province of Messina, where they started with the project a few months ago. The project is currently in the first faze of development. This means that the municipality of Pettineo is looking for people interested in selling their unused houses for 1 euro. The city council approved the regulation for the facilitated sale of uninhabited properties.


Among the municipalities that have been more successful and repeated more calls for the sale and purchase of 1 Euro Houses there is certainly Salemi. The municipality has provided a site dedicated 1 Euro Houses in Salemi where you can view the announcement and download the questions how to view the floor plans of the properties for sale. The call, published in Italian and English, provides as a deadline of August 31, 2021. By that date, the persons concerned must submit their offer by hand or by registered mail.

Sambuca di Sicila

Today famous all over the world, Sambuca di Sicilia sells its homes both at the symbolic price and at auction. After the numerous calls, the municipality has decided to enhance the properties through auctions, organized by the municipal administration. The last update came at the end of July, when the municipality launched the new call, selling houses for 2 euros.

San Piero Patti

Added to the project 1 Euro Houses the beginning of the year San Piero Patti has already found 5 properties to sell. The small town in the province of Messina has made the properties available for sale with the hope of finding others in the near future. The list of 1 Euro Houses will be updated directly on the municipality’s website.

1 Euro Houses in Sardinia 2021

Sardinia has been successful especially in the municipality of Nulvi, where they have sold and renovated some houses in the historic center. There are other projects still underway on the Italian island. This year a new small municipality has been added.


Romana was added to the list of municipalities participating in the project in June 2021. Currently, the municipality is in the first phase of the project, so there are still no houses available for purchase. For those interested in the sale of the old houses that need renovation and a new loving owner, you can fill out the form provided by the municipality and send it by e-mail or physical mail.

1 Euro Houses in Calabria 2021

Calabria is one of the regions in southern Italy, with endless beaches and beautiful villages in the hilly hinterland. 2021 was also a good year for small abandoned villages. Three municipalities have joined the project. Some of them have already found success and recognition in the world.


“Una Casa ad Albidona” is the project for the 1 Euro Houses combat the depopulation of the village, which in 30 years has seen its population halved. The municipality of Albidona has approved the regulation of the sale at a symbolic price of 1 euro to start the recovery and enhancement of the real estate assets of the town. It is waiting for the participation of private individuals who want to get rid of the dilapidated and unused properties to be put up for sale. Those interested in purchasing can contact the municipality through the appropriate forms and emails.


Among many Calabrian municipalities, participating in the 1 Euro Houses project there is also Belcastro. The project was launched in March with the search for home sellers and buyers. For each property, rankings will be drawn up for the assignment. Priority will be given to projects that propose the start of work in a short time, the transfer of the residence and the use of local workers for renovation work.


The municipality of Bisignano offers itself with advice and information, collects requests for sale and publishes them on a special institutional website, collects purchase requests and acts as a guarantor between the seller and the buyer. To adhere to the sale or purchase of houses, it is necessary to adhere to the Guidelines of the call published on the institutional website of the Municipality of Bisignano.

1 Euro Houses in Basilicata and Campania 2021

Basilicata and Campania have each added a municipality to the 1 Euro Housesproject. These small abandoned villages are having a real boom, especially Pietramelara, where the first sales agreements have already been successful. For those interested, here is the information on the status of the project.


The Municipality of Acerenza tries to start a project of recovery, redevelopment and enhancement of the existing real estate assets. It puts in particular regard to the part of the historic center that is in conditions of abandonment, degradation or dilapidated. In this first phase, it is mainly interested in detecting interest from buyers of real estate and owners interested in the sale of the properties at a symbolic price.


In Pietramelara they have already found success with the first sales agreements in August 2021. The municipality intends to continue the recovery of the uninhabited properties of the historic center through the free sale in the ancient medieval districts. The administration has approved the regulation of the project for the sale at a symbolic price of the houses, to start the recovery and enhancement of the real estate assets.

1 Euro Houses in Apulia 2021

In Apulia, located in the south in the “heel of the shoe”, some new municipalities have joined the 1 Euro Houses project with a few more options. As some of you know, there are not only abandoned houses in small villages, but also houses already settled without inhabitants. In this region, the municipality of Biccari for example, has decided to offer both options.


The municipality of Biccari has launched the project with 15 properties available. It is the second call proposed by the municipality, which launched the first call successfully already in 2019. In addition to the sale of the properties at the symbolic price of 1 euro, they have also made available other properties for sale at different prices between 13/15 thousand euros. These, unlike the ruined houses, are already arranged.


The small town of Candela joined the project at the beginning of 2021, naming it “Let’s recover the historic center”. The municipality has issued the notice for the acquisition of properties for sale, to start the recovery and enhancement of the real estate assets of the town. They are waiting for the participation of private individuals who want to get rid of dilapidated and unused properties to be put up for sale.

1 Euro Houses in Abruzzo 2021

Abruzzo has had a resurgence of the 1 Euro Houses project, including two municipalities to the initiative.


The project was launched already in 2018, when the Municipality of Casoli managed to assign only one lot. Now, the municipality relaunches a new call for both those who want to sell the house and for those who want to buy it. Buyers can be both individuals and companies. The interest is not limited to those who want to renovate a house for their own use, but also for those who want to create a B&B or do other activities within the chosen home.

Pratola Peligna

Another Abruzzo municipality active for some time in the project and Pratola Peligna. The municipality has already successfully sold the first property, but they do not want to stop. All people who have an asset that they want to get rid of, which falls within the parameters provided by the notice of the Municipality of Pratola, will be able to do so by email. For those who want to buy them you will have to comply with the provisions of the regulations of the municipal administration.

1 Euro Houses in Lazio 2021

In Lazio there are two municipalities that have just started with the project 1 Euro Houses. In Maenza they have already had the first sales, while in Santi Cosma and Damiano they are looking for both buyers and sellers of the dilapidated properties.

Santi Cosma and Damiano

In the municipality of Santi Cosma e Damiano the one-euro house project was launched this summer. They are waiting for the participation of private individuals who want to get rid of dilapidated and unused properties to be put up for sale. However, you can already submit a purchase requisition.


The “Pact for the Historic Center” project, launched in April 2021, is bearing its first fruits. The first properties are already for sale with deadlines at the end of August. The municipality of Maenza, however, continues to look for both those interested in the sale and those who want to buy a house in the historic center of the village.

1 Euro Houses in Liguria and Valle d’Aosta 2021

Northern Italy the municipalities with 1 Euro Houses are still few, but we must not lose sight of them. For those who love the coolness of the mountain, the two municipalities below offer an excellent opportunity.


The Municipal Administration does not give up on abandonment and determines to repopulate the country by adopting the “1 Euro Houses Project“. In Triora there are currently about twenty houses made available for 1 euro. On the website of the municipality you can visit the session relating to the acquisition of houses for € 1. The search for those who want to sell their dilapidated house located in the municipality also continues.


For those who prefer the north, Oyace currently offers two properties which will be on sale until the end of August. The call is updated regularly, so those who want to buy or sell houses in the municipality of Oyace can send the request directly to the municipality.

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