1 euro houses on the sea: where are they located?

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Are you looking for 1 euro houses on the seaside or near the coast? Some municipalities located not far from beaches and the sea also adhere to the project. Where are these places, how close to the sea are they and how many 1 euro houses are available? The team of the 1 euro houses website has collected all the municipalities with 1 euro houses that are located close to the sea, up to a maximum of 50 km.

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Sicily has many advantages for those who love the sea. Even if it’s one of the two largest islands of Italy, no place is particularly far from the coast and the sea.

For those who love a warm climate all year round with excellent local cuisine, you cannot go wrong when looking for a 1 euro home in Sicily. Here is the list of Sicilian municipalities from those farthest to those closest:



The second main island and consequently surrounded by crystal clear sea is Sardinia. Popular especially as a holiday destination, Sardinia is just as lovely to live there all year around. The beaches are among the most beautiful in Europe. For those who are fond of the sea, this island is a small jewel between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean.


Southern Italy

There are five regions that offer 1 euro houses near the sea: Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Abruzzo and Lazio. Although some of the regions are located more in the inland, the distances from the sea are not so disproportionate.

The municipalities that are worth a look at for those who like the sea are:

Case a 1 euro mare

Northern Italy

As the north of Italy is much more mountainous, municipalities near the sea are fewer and farther in between. Tuscany and Liguria are the only two regions where we found municipalities quite close to the beaches. The list is therefore much shorter, but not without a level of interest.

The three municipalities with relatively close sea are:

Pignone centro città

1 Euro Houses near the sea: How to buy them?

To join the 1 euro houses project, it is necessary to follow the specific regulations approved by the municipality. On our website we offer all the information and links necessary to join a specific project.

The municipalities are at all times at different stages of the project. Some are still looking for available homes (or are looking for them again after a successful sale). Others currently have active projects with houses available. Others again have no active tenders as all available homes have been sold.

In any case, we recommend visiting our website, reviewing the map of the locations and reviewing the information in the articles relating to the municipalities of interest. We also recommend buying our ebook, currently available in English and Spanish, on how to make the purchase of houses for 1 euro in Italy.

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