1 Euro houses available in Taranto – Puglia

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Taranto is one of the first major Italian cities to join the Case project at 1 euro. Several properties are available, including houses for 1 euro.

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Getting to know Taranto

The city of Taranto, an Italian municipality of 195,024 inhabitants and provincial capital of Puglia, is located on the north-western end of the Salento region, and overlooks the Ionian Sea.

It is nicknamed the City of the two seas,for its peculiar position straddling the Great Sea and the Small Sea. In the first, in the great sea in front of the city, lives and prospers a historical population of dolphins and other cetaceas; in the second sea has been practiced for centuries and on a large scale the cultivation of mussels (mussels) whose products are known worldwide for their uniqueness.

The city is home to the Maritime Arsenal of the Navy, the Ilva, one of the largest industrial complexes in Europe for the production of steel, and the National Archaeological Museum MArTA, which is among the most important museums in Italy. The Basilica of San Cataldo and the famous Aragonese Castle are just some of the places to visit that you can not miss, as well as a long series of Greek / Roman archaeological sites.

The cuisine conquers you with the delicacies of Puglia Apulian oil, mussels tarantine and the famous orecchiette the typical pasta of Taranto. Of course in Taranto there are several Museums, Cinemas, Theaters, Art Galleries, and everything that can offer the services of a big city.

How to get to Taranto

By plane:

  • To get to Taranto by plane, you have to land at the airports of Brindisi Casale and Bari Palese. For those arriving in Bari, there is a free shuttle service that connects the airport with the city of Taranto. For those arriving in Brindisi instead it is advisable to use the service offered by the CTP Taranto.

By train:

  • Taranto can also be added by train from the main Italian and foreign cities.

By Car:

  • To get to Taranto from Turin, Milan or Bologna it is advisable to take the Adriatic line:theA1 motorway from Milan to Bologna and then the A14 Bologna – Taranto.
Altitudine15 m

The 1 Euro Houses Project in Taranto

Who can buy a house

Individual companies, agencies, or companies of persons or capital, private Italian, community, and non-EU citizens can buy homes.

Buyer obligations

  • Prepare the final project of renovation and recovery of the property.
  • Acquire all necessary opinions and obtain the expected building permit title within one year of the date of publication of the ranking.
  • Complete the work within one year of the date of the release of the building permit, unless there are any requests for an extension.
  • To take out a security policy in favour of the Municipality of Taranto of the amount of 1000.00 euros valid for two years to guarantee the realization of the works. In the event of a default, the municipality of Taranto will have the right to take over the policy.

Criteria for the selection and award of real estate

The City Commission will evaluate the proposals and projects submitted, prioritising the following parameters:

  1. stable residence, for households, civil unions, de facto couples or solidarity units two or more subjects united by the desire to share the home. In the case of awarding by Agencies or Companies, they must allocate the assets for residential-residential use according to the aforementioned parameters;
  2. commercial activities with regard to cultural and innovative activities, as well as craft and public activities, public entertainment venues and professional studios;
  3. tourist reception facilities;

In addition, the Commission will take into account three other main parameters:

How to submit your purchase proposal

Proposals must already contain the rough design and the timely description of the purpose of use of the property.

The application must contain attached the following documentation:

  • Rough design with:
  • Explanatory report of the recovery proposal from which the targets of use of the project are clearly indicated, the list of materials to be used, both for the finishes, for the structures, for the energy redevelopment, the type of installations provided, the metric data also useful for the determination of the score;
  • Graphic project of maximum support to the explanatory report, containing photo-realistic images of the salient elements (e.g. facade, interior type, any green areas, finishing proposals, etc…);
  • estimating metric calculation of the intervention and its economic framework, from which the estimated cost of the execution of the work is clearly evinced;
  • declaration containing any sponsorship proposal;
  • documentation proving that the requirements for proposers have been met;
  • commitment operator’s declaration to take out a deposit policy in the municipality of Taranto in the amount of the company. 1000 to guarantee the restructuring and recovery commitments made.
    The municipality of Taranto reserves the right to request clarifications or additions in order to properly evaluate the proposals.

Public call for the sale of unused and underused properties with the purpose of urban repopulation and revitalization of the socio-economic system – Year 2021.

The public call for the sale of unused and underused properties with the purpose of urban repopulation and revitalization of the socio-economic system -Year 2021 is published.

DEADLINE: June 30, 2021

Update April 27, 2021

After the success of the first edition that attracted the interest of foreign investors, the 1 euro houses project, strongly desired by the municipal administration, starts again to repopulate the Ancient Village of Taranto.

The old town, one kilometer long and 300 meters wide, was once an independent city surrounded by the sea. But in the nineteenth century he knows a strong depopulation, and to date only three thousand people live there.

The municipal properties in the ancient village of Taranto, are about 1,300. The municipality initially starts with 9 properties to sell, which count about 50 houses to be restored.

The video of the presentation of the casea1euro project in Taranto.

Update August 10, 2021

The municipality of Taranto has closed the second call for houses at 1 euro successfully. The houses have all been assigned, see article.

Update November 17, 2021

The tender for 1 euro houses in Taranto has been concluded. The first deed was confirmed last week, on November 10, 2021. This time around, interest in the purchase and renovation of dilapidated properties was also expressed by foreign investors. For more information on upcoming project developments, visit the news page here.

Contacts of the municipality of Taranto

Directorate Of Heritage of the Municipality of Taranto
Piazzale Dante n 15/16
74121 Taranto


Municipality of Taranto
City Palace, City Hall No.1
74121 Taranto (Ta)
Tel. 39 099 4581111

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