Most beautiful village in Italy 2021: Tropea in Calabria

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We have a winner for the 2021most beautiful village in Italy and it’s Tropea in Calabria.

Tropea is located in the province of Vibo Valentina, located in the Calabria region. A coastal country, recognized for its sandy beaches along an unspoiled turquoise sea. Also known for its many noble palaces, Tropea has a rich history, arising in the period of the ancient Greek colonies on the peninsula. One of the most important structures is certainly the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola, located on a rock above the sea.

Tropea (Calabria) deserves the title most beautiful village in Italy for its tourist hospitality, natural and cultural beauty, but also for the well-maintained landscape.

View of one of the beaches of Tropea (Calabria)

1 Euro Houses near Tropea and in the Calabria region

Unfortunately, Tropea does not adhere to the 1 Euro Houses Project at the moment, as it has no depopulation problems. In the region, however, there are municipalities that have come across the problem of depopulated villages and ruined houses.

These municipalities offer those who want to move, the opportunity to buy a house for 1 euro. After the purchase of the house and some renovation work, the buyer can move to the country. There are also possibilities to buy a second home, holiday home or start a business (B&B, shop, restaurant etc.).

There are 5 the municipalities that offer 1 euro houses in Calabria:

For those interested, you can see and explore the locations via our complete map of the municipalities participating in the 1 Euro Houses Project.

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Data Source Source: La Repubblica