Superbonus 110 and 1 euro houses: Here are the deadlines

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The Superbonus 110 is also applicable for some 1 euro houses. How the Superbonus 110 works, how to check if you are eligible and what are the deadlines.

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Superbonus 110 for 1 euro houses

The Superbonus 110% is an incentive measure, implemented by the Italian government. The Superbonus 110 mechanism provides the possibility of carrying out renovation or property betterment works at no cost for owners. But how does it work exactly?

We have two types of Superbonus options:

  • The Super Ecobonus facilitates energy efficiency renovation or construction work.
  • The Super Sismabonus encourages works for anti-seismic adaptations.

In most cases, when we talk about the Superbonus applicable to 1 euro houses, we are talking about the first type. In practice it therefore serves to renovate the house, raising the energy class from the current one.

This incentive has given many people the opportunity to renovate their homes for 1 euro. For various regulatory reasons, some of the new owners could not take advantage of the concession. Why?

Many of the 1 euro houses have been abandoned for decades and therefore have very low energy classes. For those who want to receive the subsidy, the renovation must raise the energy class by at least 2 classes.

The improvement of two energy classes must be demonstrated with the conventional Energy Performance Certificate (APE). This certificate must be issued by a qualified technician in the form of a sworn declaration.

The work to be done

The improvement of two energy classes is possible by carrying out the following works:

  • Thermal cladding: Thermal insulation interventions of the vertical and horizontal surfaces that affect the building for more than 25% of the gross dispersing surface. In short, we are talking about important insulation of the roof, walls, windows and doors.
  • Heat pump boilers in single houses: Interventions on single-family buildings for the replacement of existing winter air conditioning systems with systems for heating, cooling or the supply of domestic hot water with heat pumps, including hybrid or geothermal systems, also combined with the installation of photovoltaic systems and related storage systems, or with micro-cogeneration plants. In short, hot water boilers and home heating systems or similar systems are considered as appropriate work.

Many of these jobs are almost always needed for 1 euro houses, but they can require a higher budget than expected. Those who know they will have to do them and are counting on the reimbursement of the Superbonus 110 must be sure that the renovation works actually fall within the parameters required by the regulation.

Superbonus 110 timing for 1 euro houses

The incentive consists of a 110% deduction that is applied to expenses incurred from 1st July 2020 to 30th June 2022. The expenses must be divided among those entitled in five annual installments and, for the part of the expenditure incurred in the year 2022, in four annual installments of the same amount. For those who renovate apartment buildings or other types of properties, the deadlines are different.

In practice, if you have planned to buy a house for 1 euro and renovate it with the help of the Superbonus 110 you have to hurry! If the expenses are incurred after June 30th of this year, you will not be able to request a refund!

Where to check the information on the Superbonus 110?

For those who want to participate in the Superbonus 110, we recommend reviewing the information on the official government website (available in Italian, but can be translated with a browser translator). In addition, we recommend that you speak to an accountant, bank official or contact the government or the Revenue Agency directly. Especially for those coming from abroad and those unfamiliar with the Italian legislature (or language), we recommend proceeding with caution and external professional help.

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