Calabria offers 28 thousand euros for you to move to thier abandoned villages

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In Calabria you can find many abandoned villages that risk degradation. A number of projects have been implemented to combat depopulation. Among them the 1 Euro Houses Projects and a new initiative: paying future residents. For nine villages in the region is in fact being studied an initiative that has had resonance even in the United States, in an in-depth analysis by CNN. Up to EUR 28 000 (USD 33 000) could be offered to people and families who wish to move to these countries, which are rich in history and charm, but which are also increasingly abandoned.

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Which are the 9 abandoned villages in Calabria?

In detail, it is a call that affects 9 abandoned villages in Calabria. Four are located north of Cosenza, in alphabetical order Aieta, Albidona, Civita and San Donato di Ninea. The other 3 abandoned villages are Bova, Samo (with the hamlet Precacore) and Sant’Agata del Bianco in the province of Reggio Calabria. The list is concluded by Cuccuri and Santa Severina in the province of Crotone.

“One goal is certainly to repopulate these areas thanks to an experiment that combines demand and supply of labor”, underlines Gianluca Gallo,regional councilor for agricultural policies and agri-food development.

“It is 700-800 euros per month for three years. In the event that they decide to leave before the five-year deadline, the money must be returned to the Region,” says Gianpietro Carlo Coppola,mayor of Altomonte.

Those who are therefore interested in changing their lives and views for the next five years, must wait a few more months, between the end of August and the beginning of September. The call should in fact come out by Mid-August, but before becoming public it needs the clearance of the Ministry of Economic Development. This is a total of EUR 700 000 to be used for social activities.

Calabria has many abandoned villages in need of repopulation.

What about 1 Euro Houses?

The project of the region exists in parallel with the 1 Euro Houses projects present on the territory of Calabria. The complete list and map of municipalities is available on our website. Specifically for Calabria, the currently active municipalities are:

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