This Peruvian couple moved to Biccari in a 1 euro house

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Here is the story of the Peruvian couple looking for a 1 euro house in Biccari. How is the purchase of Fernando and Jimena’s 1 euro house going?

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The Peruvians are coming to Biccari!

Biccari continues to attract new citizens from all over the world. The last family who wants to come and live in Biccari comes from Peru. Fernando Lanatta and Jimena Becerra is a Peruvian couple, parents of 13-year-old Vincenzo. They recently arrived in Biccari to evaluate the opportunity to live forever in the charming village of Monti Dauni.

He is a real estate agent and photographer, she is a health insurer, at the moment they work remotely thanks to smartworking. Vincenzo instead began to attend middle school.

They are enjoying themselves very well in Italy, fascinated by Italian food and dolce vita. Originally from Lima, they are also in Italy to find their Ligurian origins. One of the focuses is also to look for new job and life opportunities.

1 euro houses from Biccari to Peru

The 1 euro houses project, promoted by the mayor Gianfilippo Mignogna, is bearing fruit. There are currently 14 apartments sold to families from abroad.

“We are very happy, it is a constant flow of curious people who come to evaluate the possibilities of staying. It represents a great element of regeneration for our population. When new people and children arrive it is always a very nice page.”

Among the stories that we have already detected the first sale of last summer . In addition to the 1 euro houses, there have been many sales of the houses available on the Biccari real estate market .

For more information on the town of Biccari and their homes for 1 euro, you can visit the town card on our website.

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