This Peruvian couple moved to Biccari in a 1 euro house

1 euro house in Biccari for a Peruvian couple
Here is the story of the Peruvian couple looking for a 1 euro house in Biccari. How is the purchase of Fernando and Jimena's 1 euro house going?The Peruvians are coming to Biccari!Biccari continues to attract new citizens from all over the world. The last family who wants to come and live in Biccari comes from Peru. Fernando Lanatta and Jimena Becerra is a Peruvian coupl...
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In Biccari houses sold for 1 and up to 30 thousand euros

The small town of Biccari has managed to sell and repopulate 14 houses. The cost? Between 30 thousand and 1 euro. Here's the story.Biccari: From the 1 euro houses to the real estate market housesFor the past year, the municipality has launched the "Case a Biccari" (Houses in Biccari) project, which includes both properties for 1 euro and those up to 30 thousand euro. The...
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First 1 euro houses sold in Biccari

After receiving more than 7000 requests, the municipality of Biccari makes the first sales of its abandoned houses. Prices vary: It starts from houses at 1 euro up to cheap houses at 20,000 euros.The project "Houses in Biccari" is having a great success especially abroad. As the mayor Gianfilippo Mignona stipules:"We try to react to the fate of all the villages, trying to ...
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